10 Visa Free Country for Pakistan

What is flying without a visa?
Without a paying visa, visa-free travel is all about flying. This means that one can enter a country without having to complete lengthy visa processes with a free visa. Not every nation requires visa-free travel. When the governments of the two countries have signed an agreement, nationals of a country can travel visa-free to another country.

The quote above summarized the glories of traveling beautifully. Traveling is no doubt, important for personal growth and development. In Pakistan, you can visit famous hill stations. It frees your mind from the dull and monotonous routine and largely revives your spirits as well. It not only refreshes you physically, but also mentally. In short, taking a break from the hectic routine is always a good idea. If you have a low budget, don’t worry, because many family holiday spots in Pakistan include dams that you can visit with your loved ones in Pakistan.

Traveling is however, becoming heavy on the pocket in today’s era. To fly to another country, one has to spend a handsome amount of money. For visitor visas, some countries charge hundreds of dollars. The process of getting the visa is also a boring and time-consuming task, apart from the costly visas. Usually, if you have a Pakistani passport, it takes about a week to several months to get a tourist visa.
But the good news is that for Pakistani passport holders, several countries also offer visa-free entry. Pakistan’s visa-free countries were very few in the 1990s. However, due to the growth in international ties with other countries, Pakistan’s visa-free countries have increased significantly especially from 2018 onwards… We have compiled a list of top visiting countries that do not need a Pakistani passport visa. All you need to visit the following countries is your passport and a passion for traveling and exploring the world’s wonders.

Pros of Flying without a Visa

Visa-free travel comes with substantial benefits. Some of the major benefits include:

  • You don’t have to disclose information that is private. All you need is a visa, and then you’re good to go.
  • Significant cost-cutting comes with visa-free travel. Visas can be very expensive for you. You may not have to pay certain costs in the case of visa-free travel. So save these expenses and spend the cash on more important items, such as leisure activities.
  • Traveling without visas is easy and saves tons of time. For months, you do not have to wait for the embassy or the appropriate body to process your visa application.
  • Whenever you want to, you can travel. To fly, you do not need long application time and tons of preparation.
  • You don’t have to wait for your arrival in those long waiting lines at the border control, and you can be one of the fortunate few to be able to navigate the short lanes.

1. Tobago and Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago are two beautiful islands situated near Venezuela, in the Caribbean region. For their rich Creole culture and cuisine, they are renowned around the globe. If you love music and carnivals, you should visit Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain. Many exotic species of animals and plants also inhabit the island. A plus point is the tropical climate of the country as well. The smaller island, Trinidad, on the other side, is known for its stunning beaches and forest reserves.
Visa-free length of stay: ninety days

2. Dominica

Dominica is a country located in the region of the Caribbean. For tourists, the rugged topography and stunning scenery make it an excellent destination. If you’re a fan of natural hot springs, rainforests and gardens, then the place for you is Dominica. More Trois Pitons National Park, Trafalgar Falls and Titou Gorge are some of the popular places you can visit.
Duration of visa-free stay: 180 days

3. Vanuatu

The country of Vanuatu is situated in the South Pacific region. Thanks to its vibrant and adventurous tourist events, it earned popularity. For instance, Port Vila’s Jungle Zipline Canopy Tour, shore excursion, and turtle swimming.
Duration of visa-free stay: 30 days

4. Niue

Niue is the smallest country in the world. The literal meaning of the word is “behold the coconut.” The inhabitants are fluent in both English and Polynesian. Niue’s gorgeous beaches, museums, and landscapes are to die for.
Duration of visa-free stay: 30 days

5. Islands of Chef

With its impressive natural sites, lagoons, and rugged mountains, the Cook Islands are located in the Pacific zone. 86 percent of the country’s citizens speak English, so the communication process for travelers is very easy. If you’re a snorkeling and scuba-diving enthusiast, then the Cook Islands are your place to go.
Duration of visa-free stay: 30 days

6. Montserrat

Montserrat is situated in the Caribbean portion of the British Overseas Territories. With its black sand beaches, cliffs, coral reefs, and sightseeing, the exotic tropical area is well known. Some of the things you should not overlook in Montserrat are Carr’s Bay Beach, Soufrière Hills, and the Volcano Observatory. For 180 days, a tourist visa is not required for Pakistani citizens.
Duration of visa-free stay: 180 days

7. Qatar City

If you want to visit a country in the Middle East, but you don’t want to pay tons of cash for a tourist visa, then Qatar will be your place to go. For Pakistani passport holders, Qatar has declared visa-free entry. Qatar talks of beaches, mesmerizing deserts and dunes. The rich Arabian culture and food will make your stay worthwhile. There are cherries on top of the Islamic art museum and old heritage sites.

If you are a shopaholic then Souq Waqif is going to be your best friend. Situated in Doha, it is an ancient outdoor market spot. It has a number of products, including spices, ornaments, gems, clothing, and the list goes on.
Duration of visa-free stay: 30 days

8. Palau-Palau

In the Micronesian zone, Palau is a group of various small islands.
If you’re a lover of bodies of water, don’t forget the Rock Islands, the Southern Lagoon and the Milky Way. For people who are into diving and surfing, these water heavens are great. If you don’t like diving, then the following outdoor activities can also be done:
Heading to the Rock Islands for kayaking.

Then spend a day at the camping sites if you want to feel the beauty of the desert island. With a BBQ night and a bonfire on site, you will enjoy your day.

If you want a better way to see the scenic beauty of Palau, then take a 45-minute helicopter tour. Trust me, for you, it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

In the natural pool, you can go for a swim,
Palau is brimming with historical sites and a rich culture. In Palau, there are many WWII places which you can visit.

Duration of visa-free stay: 30 days

9. In Mauritania

Situated on the Atlantic coast of Africa, Mauritania is a small but culturally rich nation. The nation is considered to be a bridge and link between sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. The country consists mainly of the Sahara Desert and is abundant in natural stones and minerals.

In the 18th century, Mauritania was a French colony and you can see the country’s traces of French culture still today. While Islam is the country’s official religion, the country is home to individuals from various ethnicities and cultures.

In the area, the desert, mountains and national parks add more appeal. Mauritania is the place for you to be when you want to experience a rich and unique African community. Terjit Oasis, Banc d’Arguin National Park and Port de Peche are some of the areas you can visit.




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